Jaden Smith Family Exposed YouTuber's Problematic Behavior


YouTuber Shane Dawson has been a controversial figure on the internet for some time now. While Star and Dawson said they sold more than 1 million palettes in 30 minutes, and are currently readying a restock strategy after crashing Shopify , Tati also sold out of her initial launch — to the tune of 100,000 palettes (priced at $48 apiece) within 12 hours, for a total of $4.8 million in sales.

Unless you make them private, other people can see your Liked videos, your saved playlists and subscriptions. THE online world been shaken to its core once again by YouTuber Shane Dawson's brand-new nine-part docuseries: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. That being said, this isn't the first time Shane has been called on to apologize for videos or jokes made in the past.

Fans are fuming the 31-year-old allowed James, 21, to be dragged by the world, lose millions of followers, and his close friend Jeffree Star brand him a 'danger to society' following sexual assault allegations against him. Earlier this week, another YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers rushed to self-cancel - announcing a possibly permanent hiatus from her channel - after facing accusations of racism” due to her content from years ago.

After one of the most drama-free Yotubers (Jenna Marbles) quit the platform, it made fans question why other Youtubers like Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau, and Shane even have jaden smith a fan base after scandal after scandal and story after story comes out about them.

With this all this coming to light, fans now believe that Tati was manipulated by Jeffree and Shane into creating the BYE SISTERS video. Marbles, who has only really found herself embroiled in serious drama once in her career because she bought the wrong kind of bowl for her fish, and made a heartfelt 40-minute apology video for it.

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